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About GKE Agriculture

About Us

GKE Agritech is where urban farming is brought to life. The future of urban farming provides convenience and efficiency for crops to grow anytime, anywhere, without being subjected to any externalities. We hope to transform the face of agriculture by building an empire of self-sufficient and environmentally friendly farms, enabling large produce that brings about economies of scale and to provide our community with wholesome and nutrition packed food. We are changing the exemplar of farming.


  • Self Sustainable & Greener Future for Singapore

    With growing population, climate changes and scarce resources available in Singapore, it is crucial for us to have more local produce to heighten our food security in the hierarchy, instead of being heavily reliant on export produce for food.

    Aligned with our government’s “30 by 30” goal - produce 30% of Singapore's nutritional needs locally by 2030, we hope to contribute and spread awareness of what we do to achieve this goal.

  • Wholesome Produce

    At GKE Agritech, we are committed to supplying only the best produce to our community. Being 100% responsible for what goes into our produce, we have the peace of mind in confidently saying that what we offer will always be top notch quality produce. We take pride and integrity in knowing that all of our produce are wholesome produce that will only exude it’s maximum nutrition potential for consumption. It is about us offering a simplistic and holistic approach to our produce - no added frills indeed.

  • Inspire

    We aim to be a platform that inspires growth, knowledge, change and building connections. We hope that over the years, an increasing amount of people would be more aware and curious about what we do and cultivate a space for people to communicate and engage in discussions. We want to rewrite the ingrained notion of what people perceive farming is, establishing a solid foundation for more positive changes and impact to the world in time to come.

List of Products We Provide

  • Kale
  • Japanese Komatsuna
  • Xiao Bai Cai